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Freshness Guarantee

Aunt Pearlie's products are guaranteed to be fresh and ready to bake. Our commitment to providing the best food products using only the freshest ingredients will have you coming back for seconds every time!

About Aunt Pearlie

Historically, family events and holiday's triggered special orders for large pans of dressing from our restaurants. It was quite a task for the cooks to make the extra pans for those additional orders so the idea to prepare ahead and freeze the dressing was born. Before long, local stores decided to sell the dressing at Thanksgiving. It was so popular, they would sell out and order more. Others heard about Aunt Pearlie's dressing and soon a local distributor became involved.

Sales really began to grow in 1997. Food shows attracted more customers so production had to be stepped up. Since the restaurants could no longer handle all the orders, Aunt Pearlie's Food Products, Inc. was formed to coordinate production, distribution, and marketing. Aunt Pearlie's now has distributors covering Alabama and Georgia and parts of Florida, the Carolinas, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

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